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Mi 20.06.2018 * 23:59
Tresor Club
Köpenicker Str. 70
10179 Berlin Mitte


Billie JoStreet Life Rythm/ Stockholm
hosted by MischaTresor.Berlin

Aurora Bar

Miss ItaliaTresor.Berlin

Beschreibung zur Veranstaltung:
Scarlet is a DJ, Producer and electronic music enthusiast with a unique style and aesthetic, based in Berlin. After beginning mixing her favorite records a few years ago, in a short period of time she was able to explore and express her music taste trough her diverse range of Mixsets. When listening to her sets, you can expect a dense mix of fine deranged cuts and hard, atmospheric sounds blending all together. Oscillating between hard techno drums, strong grooves, deep melancholic and hypnotic melodies, Scarlet’s intention is telling you a story and take you on a journey of driving sounds and haunting beats. Billie Jo, member of the underground collective .WAV and resident DJ at Rottweiler in Gothenburg, has made a big splash in Sweden with her dark, rhythmic and playful techno sets which never fail to enchant the crowd and take it on an energetic and pounding musical journey. Billie Jo’s first solo release dropped this April on the Stockholm based label Street Life Rhythm, and she was recently awarded an Elly for ”New Female DJ of the Year” at the Elly Underground Awards in Stockholm. Welcomed and hosted by Tresor resident Mischa, a product of shifting technological landscapes. Nurtured by computerized machine music through radio waves from the hardcore continuum, he has developed a distinctly futurist vision for uncompromising techno music. Born in Berlin, Mischa inevitably found Hard Wax as a main educator in taste, and has worked there since 2010.

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