Tresor New Faces

Mi 13.06.2018 * 23:59
Tresor Club
Köpenicker Str. 70
10179 Berlin Mitte


Live: AmbreLess is Techno/Berlin
Hector MadHC Records/BSC Records/Madrid
hosted by DinamiteAffin, Detund/ Berlin

Aurora Bar

Helga P.Berlin

Beschreibung zur Veranstaltung:
Ambre is a French music producer based in Berlin. Through ethnic and occult rhythmics, he composes a dead world where the ancestral voices are smothered by industrial overtones. His sound shapes the end of human beings, as a disastrous and apocalyptic chant across dark wastelands. The melodies don’t give any choice face to the fate: the black waves bring you into the deeper darkness of your own mind, without any way to escape. Far from fantasy, Ambre petrifies your inner soul into his somber feelings of the reality. In two decades contributing to the national techno scene, Hector Mad’s sets have sounded in a multitude of events, raves, private parties, festivals and first level clubs, sharing session with great names of national and international scene. He is a great lover of vinyl, a format which shapes his skill and passion when making his sets. They are characterized by three-decks style, an explosive technique and speed movement, including Grooveboxes and synthesizers. Specialist in Sci-Fi and Dark, Hector develops sessions where he cultivates all branches of techno, covering all types such as Electro, Industrial and Experimental. Spanish artist and Tresor resident Dinamite hosts these new faces tonight and whips up a fierce set herself: the depth of her sets immerses us in a space-trip dominated by hypnotic and heavy electronic environments in the same harmonic code, intelligible techno ruled by a musical selection capability only available for accurately and experienced ears. Dinamite’s execution in the DJ booth is almost millimeter, enhancing the technical qualities of the set and the auditory introspection with the public.

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