Fr 16.02.2018 * 23:00
Rote Sonne
Maximiliansplatz 5
80333 München

(H.omevvork, Key Vinyl/Rome)
(Counterweight, Rote Sonne/Munich)
(Counterweight, Rote Sonne/Munich)

AK: 13,00 Euro

Beschreibung zur Veranstaltung:
Well, where should we start with Hector Oaks… since he started his own label OAKS in 2016 he travelled all around the world, from Colombia to China, he played some of the most important venues all around; Berghain, Rex Club, Bassiani, Jaded…just to name a few. Nowadays he is resident of the famous party series “Herrensauna” and also resident in the stunning “Bassiani”. Hector’s productions belong to the most interesting sounds coming out in the scene right now. His sense of producing truly evocative and outstanding works of timeless techno is just remarkable. Powerful, deep, raw and emotive, his style juxtaposes classic and soulful Detroit and Chicago sounds with Berlin’s modern, strong and gritty atmosphere, while imultaneously infusing his trademark of authentic and enthralling melodies. Although his production played an instrumental part in his success, he is here to deliver a vinyl only set full of action and combining different music styles. During the last years we witnessed his sets many times and we were convinced pretty much right from the start, that we needed Hector for a counterweight night.

Apart from Hector we are pleased to bring PVS to Munich for the first time. PVS is a project born and grown in Rome. The artistic journey of Marco Piovesan is strictly connected to the person of Freddy K, which introduced PVS to the european rave culture that he partially knew because of his experience collected in the early 2000’s while he was attending trance raves. Year by year Marco increased his music knowledge and taste, experimenting with different kinds of sounds and going through multiple alias until he finally found his own way as PVS. In 2013 he signed his own ep on the well known M_Rec label where he got the chance to play clubs like Tresor (Berlin), Off (Paris), About Blank (Berlin), KBD18 (Copenaghen) and of course Berghain. Marco started his own label H.omevvork in the same year and the first release received great support from the whole techno scene. “Fuckin’ Society” is still played by all the main exponents of the techno industry until today. You can also find his tracks on imprints like Key Rec, Attic Music and Children Of Tomorrow to mention just a few of them.

This Counterweight party will really be a special one, as not only the residents Marco H and Gonzo MDF will play vinyl only, also both headliners will only bring their record bags. Two turntables and a mixer is all that’s necessary to burn down the venue completely, better be prepared!

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